Picture of The 3 Scoring Clubs System

The 3 Scoring Clubs System

Now You Too Can Lower Your Average Score By 3-5 Strokes, In 30 Days Or Less...
Manufacturer: Jim Mclean

This bundled collection gives you access to videos on the 3 scoring clubs in your bag:

Jim McLean's The Driver

Watch this video series and you can expect to add 20 - 30 yards to your drives. This never-before released video series is a comprehensive look at the driver, and contains everything you need to improve your driving game. Many of the top players of all time would rate the driver the #1 club in their bag.(Online streaming version)

Jim McLean's The Wedge

Start saving strokes immediately by getting the ball up and down like never before with this newly available wedge video from Jim McLean. Jim covers every aspect of hitting your pitching, standard sand and lob wedges along with all of the factors related to choosing the right club for the right shot.(Online streaming version)

Jim McLean's The Putter

This Proven Putting Video Series is designed to insure that you are playing better golf immediately! Jim McLean shares some very simple techniques that will have you making putts like never before! In this series Jim covers the most important elements in putting that he has learned from some of the greatest putters in the history of the game. (Online streaming version)

PLUS as an added bonus, also includes:

Jim McLean's 8-Step Building Blocks System

Each video covers a different part in Jim's world-renown 8-Step Swing (Video One covers Step One). The entire video is filmed in High Definition for outstanding picture quality and detailed swing analysis from top PGA & LPGA Tour Professionals.

Jim will review brand new drills, Death Moves, and Corridors of Success that will enable amateur and professional golfers to improve their game. Watch the DVD step by step and practice different drills before moving along to the next step. Jim provides you with hours of groundbreaking research and instruction. Do yourself a favor this season and lower your handicap 5 shots!

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